"Mark of the Hound" or "Bi Color Tan" as they are officially called in The Weimaraner Standard are puppies that carry a recessive gene that cause these unusual markings that appear simular to the markings of a Doberman. This is the look that the Weimaraner's of the beginning had. It is called the "mark of the hound" or "dobi marked" or even "bi color". It comes from the hound in the foundation stock used in developing the breed and originally all Weimaraner's had this coat coloring. It was favored to breed to get the all silver or gray coat that we all know today. This trait is a recessive trait and both parents must carry it in order to produce it. Most breeders "do away" with these puppies rather then let it be known that they are out there. We feel that these puppies are just as great of pets and might have the better hound nose for hunters so we sell them at a reduced rate of the all silver puppies.

Bi Color History of the Weimaraner

Bi Color Pictures from The Weimaraner Standard

Bi Color Discription from The Weimaraner Standard

If you are interested in more information on these puppies email or call Rhonda 319-560-8189


This is Tank he was born 6-26-08 he comes with the same health gaurentee as all of our silver puppies do. His tail is docked and dew claws removed, up to date on all vet care, micro chipped with prepaid registration, puppy care folder and samples of food to start him off with. He is now being crate trained and we are working on house training and manners. If you are interested in this puppy please give Rhonda a call 319-560-8189 or email





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