About Midwest Dream

I have a farm in rural Iowa and have loved animals for as long as I can remember. Having been a bird hunter as child with my father and younger brother and being the one's to retrieve the birds if we found them I learned after the first time after hunting behind a pointer was the only way to hunt from then on. I have owned just about every kind of animal there is and was a Pet Store Owner for many years. I began my breeding program to incorporate the love of animals and desire to further the great hunting breeds of Vizsla's and Weimaraner's. In the process of stocking the farm, they also were able to fulfill the dream & love of Paint Horses!

It is my desire to conform to the breed standard in conformation and in quality hunt drive. By only breeding animals that meet the breed standard, have desirable qualities for health and temperament with good natural hunting abilities. Studs dogs are chosen for these same qualities.

Midwest Dream animals are bred and raised in the picturesque Iowa countryside, not in kennels or other 'facilities'. The dogs and horses are loved and cared for as family and get lots of clean open air to grow and thrive in. The dogs are accustomed to the 'family home' right from the start. The puppies are born in the living room in front of couch. This way they are socialized, & comfortable to random noises and begin learning 'indoor manners'.

If you would like more information about Rhonda Chesley's Midwest Dream, just email Rhonda at rhonda@midwestdream.com.


Mechanicsville, IA
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